Mysteries of Como - Chirstmas Edition
Mysteries of Como - Chirstmas Edition
An expert guide will help you discover Como's most authentic side and uncover its mysteries related to the Christmas holidays, blending history and legend. Starting from Broletto in the historic center, we will explore the most distinctive alleys together, which are made even more evocative by Christmas decorations and lights.
Walk around Como historical center
Enjoy the magical atmosphere of Christmas in town
Hear exciting, engaging, and little-known stories
Discover local mysteries and curiosities related to the Christmas holidays
See contemporary art exhibitions in the tower
Walk in the Spina Verde Regional Park in the dark to reach the Castle
See alleys and ancient buildings full of history and beauty
The alleys and ancient buildings of the old center of Como have endless stories to tell and hide mysteries, some related to the Christmas holidays.
What does the center of Como have to do with the Three Kings? Is it true that they passed through here? Do you know what a Melusina is?
Walking through the old city's historical part, we come across mysterious architectural details, monuments with curious and enigmatic names, and stories of fascinated and forgotten characters.
A tour to discover the hidden and mysterious sides of our beloved town.
A guided exploration that reveals Christmas and city aspects unknown to most, even to the locals themselves.
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