Slow Lake Como
" In a world where distances are now cancelled, the real adventure is going deep "
Daniele and Davide met long ago, during their high school years.
They built their friendship through the years through punk rock concerts, walks in the woods, and very very long dinners.
Even when their choices separated their lives (Davide was getting a Philosophy degree while building a career in HR, and Daniele was traveling around the world working in international resorts) their friendship stayed strong thanks to their shared passions, mountains, and good food.
In 2016, during a usual lunch together, Davide confesses to Daniele how sick he was to see all those tourists in Como downtown just roaming around the old city and missing all the hidden beauty and tradition of the real soul of Lake Como.
With that statement, the basic idea behind Slow Lake Como was already written.
From that day, they started to work on the project to create unusual activities (the term “experiences” was not in the vocabulary at the time...) to let curious people discover what makes really special Lake Como (besides Geoge Clooney’s villa).
Along the way,
Sara (a young, gifted, marketing strategist focused on sustainable tourism) start to help them, slowly becoming the third column of the team.
In four months they did their first tour in the footsteps of the "mighty smugglers" of Lake Como. 
Time has passed and now a team of around fifteen people runs tours, experiences, cooking classes, and more…

This is Slow Lake Como.
Live slow and taste the present…
What We do
We organize walking tours outside the traditional tourist routes to discover the true soul of the Como area and its lake.
Visits and tastings
We integrate our itineraries with visits to local farms, tastings and themed courses.
Art and culture
We organize cultural activities, contemporary art exhibitions, concerts in unconventional places.
We support small businesses
We actively collaborate with small companies with which we share the philosophy and principles of slow tourism.
We believe in a tourism that respects the environment and the cultural, artistic and monumental heritage. We favor a type of cultural use that limits the use and consumption of resources by favoring means of transport that generate the least possible environmental impact.
Collaboration and relationship
We believe in the power of networks for the development of the local economy. We are looking for any form of cooperation with other local actors involved in the tourism and cultural sector. We collaborate with the institutions, providing services useful for the promotion of one's territorial identity.
Rediscovery and valorisation
We address the local population with initiatives to rediscover the peculiarities of the territory, a priceless heritage of wealth; a resource to be re-evaluated, rediscovered and safeguarded for the common well-being. We address those who are interested in learning more about traditions, rediscovering small hidden treasures, becoming passionate about corners of the territory and little-known but fascinating historical events.
For us, slowness means not letting yourself be influenced by haste, recovering an attentive gaze at landscapes, places and people, learning to appreciate, savor, every moment, savor it, live it to the fullest. Calmly. With intensity. With all the senses.
Welcoming means bringing together travelers and the host community to make the holiday an experience of real sharing and approaching local traditions, discovering lesser-known destinations by researching, supporting and promoting the most authentic and original resources of our territory.