ExperiencesComo Area, Lake Como
Stories of Pirates, Legends and Secret Gardens
Stories of Pirates, Legends and Secret Gardens

An itinerary that is one long tale, full of curiosities and memories of almost forgotten events. Learn about the history of Lake Como's freshwater pirates. Visit the Giardino del Merlo, a hidden gem of the area, and take in stunning views of the lake and its surroundings.
  • Local stories and tales
  • Take in sweeping views of of Lake Como
  • Discover the verdant and lesser-known botanical garden Giardino Del Merlo
  • Suitable for all
We explore the upper part of the western shore of the Lake, land of partisans and scene of the epilogue of Mussolini's life. 

We will find castles inhabited by freshwater pirates, breathtaking landscapes, ancient legends and a mysterious and enchanted garden. Places almost ignored even by locals but hiding some gems of extraordinary beauty. We will see the ruins of Musso Castle, a place with a long and troubled history that was occupied for 10 years by the legendary Medeghino.

Mercenary, pirate and rebel, this historical figure occupied the castle making it a receptacle for bandits and brigands who dominated the Lario for more than 10 years with piratical actions. We will guide you through the Blackbird Garden, one of the most fascinating and forgotten places on Lake Como. A "playful" garden full of exotic plants, bridges and tunnels, created on the steep rocks separating Dongo and Musso. Stops are planned at Musso, the place where Mussolini's column was stopped. There will be a picnic stop with good local food near the Church of St. Euphemia, in a stupendous panoramic position, to which an ancient mysterious legend is linked...
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