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Lake Como Rebel
Lake Como Rebel

We take you for a few hours to Spina Verde Park, the still-green heart of Como, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the park, beautiful views of the city and lake, and learn about the places where little-known dramatic and adventurous historical events took place.
  • Walk through the woods of Spina Verde Regional Park
  • Marvel at breathtaking views of Lake Como and Como downtown
  • Enjoy a family style picnic in the woods with local fresh food
Never make noise, never call each other by name. These are the basic rules of the smuggler, a typical figure of Lake Como in which lawlessness and adventurous romance come together. A local story that has as its stage extraordinary landscapes and steep paths and as its theme the eternal rivalry between sfrusadu (smugglers) and burlanda (border guards).

In this itinerary whose blends discovery of beautiful nature, history and local tales we will introduce you to a nature park just a stone's throw from the city center, the incredible World War I fortifications on the Swiss border and the paths on which the epic exploits of these brave and romantic characters took place. During the itinerary, each participant will be given a basket with local products to enjoy the area with all the senses.
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