Parco Spina Verde and Castel Baradello
Parco Spina Verde, the green heart of Como and its hinterland, a few minutes from the border with Switzerland and 40 minutes from Milan, is a naturalistic paradise but also an incredibly rich place in historical evidence.
An important medieval castle from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake and the Po valley, protohistoric villages, forts and trenches dating back to the First World War, evidence of adventurous smuggling between two towns, all in the green woods at the gates of the city.
You can discover and experience these beauties all year round. Each season reveals a different character of this wonderful territory.
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The Baradello Castle is the symbol of Como and one of the most important historical monuments of the Lake Como area. Built by Emperor Federico Barbarossa on previous fortifications and located in a strategic and spectacular position, for centuries it has dominated the city and the first basin of the lake from above. From the top of its high tower the view is breathtaking and its walls have witnessed of all the most important historical events in Northern Italy. Immersed in the greenery of a protected natural park, it can be reached with beautiful and easy walks from various points of the city and its visit is an unforgettable experience, an incredible immersion in the history, nature and soul of this area.

The castle can only be visited with a guided tour (IT/EN)

There are several options for visiting the Baradello Castle. Check the availability on the calendar and choose the one you prefer!
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