In a world where distances are erased, a true adventure is going deeply into the discovery of the true essence and distinct features of a land, experiencing with all senses extraordinary activities while being accompanied by tour guides who are first place story tellers

This is Slow Lake Como. The initiative born thanks to the passion and enthusiasm of people united by the fusion of a “slow” way of life and the love for Lake Como and aims at the valorisation of its historical, cultural, gastronomic and environmental heritage. 

Our activities, with rich contents but delivered through a simple communication, are dedicated to locals and tourists who are willing to discover or re-discover in an unusual way Lake Como, its history, gastronomic specialties and excellent food products through itineraries or thematic events where in-depth talks of unknown and best kept secret aspects of its land and history will be rolled out together with food tasting of local produce, thus discovering fascinating and forgotten places. 

Our mission is to immerse you totally into the travel experience across Lake Como with all your senses, thus allowing you to become the main character while putting you in direct contact with locals who include artisans, farmers, inhabitants of a valley, fishermen. We would love to guide you so that you can better understand Como and its Lake, our little villages, thus finding with patience and love its real essence.

  • We organise short trips on foot, by bicycle or with other environmentally-friendly means, suitable to everyone across the surroundings of Lake Como. We strongly promote the history and traditions, but also the main dishes and food products of the area. We co-operate with local producers who are willing to talk about the production of certain food products. Our itineraries are integrated with visits to farms, tasting sessions and short courses to learn how to recognise and appreciate but also how to prepare local products and dishes. We support and promote the hospitality of small family run businesses that recognise the principles of a “slow” tourism and that operates under the terms of an authentic reception which is at risk of extinction. We organise thematic cultural events that are open to everyone, locals and guests, in which we want to inspire the mind but also the senses and that are an opportunity to deeply understand the territory and its inhabitants.
  • Slowness
    Slowness does not imply waste of time or laziness. To us, it relates to the opportunity of pacing ourselves out of the frenzied way of living, to regain time to look at the landscape, to the places and its people. Slowness to us means to learn how to appreciate and experience every moment. Tasting it. Living it to the real. With calm. With intensity. With all senses. Slowness is also a way of resisting to the way of living which pushes for a continuous frenzied speed in every aspect of our life. Slowness is a way to regain control of our time.
    To us, welcoming means to gather together travellers and the guesting community. We want the holiday to be a real experience of sharing and understanding of the local traditions. We want to inspire and make more deeply understood the experiences of accommodation and touristic attractions, including the most notably known and those less known to the public. We research, sustain and help the promotion of the most authentic and original resources of our territory.
    We believe in a sustainable tourism that respects the environment and the cultural, artistic and monument heritage. We invite national and international guests to regain control of their time to learn about the local communities, to know their traditions and way of living, away from the logic of consumerism and of the stop-and-go tourism, thus reinventing their own daily living through the discovery of the other, its originality, and hidden and unexpected beauty. We favour a type of holiday and cultural fruition that limits the abuse of the resources. We prioritise the use of means of transport with the least environmental impact; we exclusively co-operate with activities that guarantee high levels of environmental sustainability and that are also respectful of the preservation of the territorial identity.
    Co-operation and relationship
    We believe in the power of networking for the development of the local economy. We actively seek for any form of co-operation with other stakeholders that are directly, or indirectly, involved in the tourism and cultural heritage sector. We co-operate with the institutions by delivering services that are meant to the promotion of its own territorial identity, thus creating a hospitality tradition which can make the services to the tourists more and more accessible and efficient.
    Re-discovery and valorisation
    We also want to spark the attention of the local community with initiatives that allow for the re-discovery of the distinctive characteristics of its territory by considering its rich and invaluable cultural heritage; it is an important resource that needs to be evaluated, re-discovered and protected for the sake of the communal welfare. We speak to those who are interested in knowing more about the traditions, re-discovering hidden gems, becoming passionate about original places across the territory and hardly known but fascinating historical events, original itineraries, but also the smells and typical flavours of our land.
  • Slow Lake Como promotes a certain idea of travelling that relates to the principles of the Slow Food movement which was created in Italy in the ‘80s in response to the widespread phenomenon of the fast food chains, on one side to protect the local produce against the growing homogenisation of taste, but also to promote a different approach to food, which was more convivial and slow, not frenzied. At the same time practising Slow Tourism means to place at the centre of your own travel experience authenticity, slowness, sustainability and conviviality in response to depersonalised and standardised touristic trends. Slow tourism then means to regain control over the space, time and places by really interacting with the local community, with its way of life and its traditions. This is in net contrast with the type of “stop-and-go” tourism with many stressful and quick trips. Slow Tourism is the choice for those who prefer on the contrary to move slowly and to visit a limited geographical area thus having the time to breathe in its atmosphere and to understand it deeply. The aim is to experience the daily life of a territory, thus discovering what lies beneath the usual touristic façade. Slow Lake Como aims at becoming a reference point for visitors, citizens and touristic operators of Como Lake and surroundings who believe in its vision and share its values and is part of a large network of companies, co-operatives, associations actively engaged on the territory to achieve a sustainable economy and ethical consumption.
  • I was born in Milan in 1979 but I have always lived in the Como area. I graduated in Philosophy in 2007 and in the same year I started working in the HR-training sector, and this is still my profession today. My work has led me to plan and coordinate over the years training courses dedicated to small and medium-sized managers in the tourism sector, investigating developments and trends. Whenever I can, since I was a child, I put on my trekking shoes and my rucksack to go to the places of our territory my father taught me to love, and today I teach the same to my two daughters. My passions are quality food and wine, local history, travelling and mountains. For many years I have been part of local purchasing groups and cooperative realities in the Como area that associate local producers and consumers. This led me to meet farmers, breeders and fishermen who passionately carry out ancient traditions, respecting the environment every day. Today many of them are partners of our cultural and gastronomic initiatives. The Slow Lake Como tours that I design are a synthesis of these interests and experiences. My mission is to make sure that the adventures in the territory that have charmed me since childhood, become feasible and unforgettable experiences both for locals and for people who come from the other side of the world.
  • I was born in Como in 1979 in a family where the mountains and good food are two cornerstones. After getting a high school degree in accountancy, I soon realized that office life between accounts and double-entry was not for me. My passion for dealing with people and my curiosity for other countries brought me to the world of tourism as an entertainer, tour leader and event host in various parts of the planet. From the Nile to the Caribbean islands, from the American theme parks to the Mediterranean beaches, I have lived and worked in very different contexts, small companies and large multinationals of tourism and entertainment. Thanks to these experiences I learned what it means to face daily with different cultures, organize complex events and even how to survive a hurricane! I love music, genuine and quality food and sky running. Returning to Italy after many years, now with Slow Lake Como I realize my dream of combining some of my greatest passions with my professional know-how. I take care of our commercial strategy and operational and logistic details of our events and tours. My goal is to make sure that everything we organize makes our guests feel "as part of the family", much more than just customers... Friends, traveling companions, tablemates...
  • I was born and raised on the shores of Lake Como, but soon my curiosity and desire to learn took me away. I graduated in Sociology - Tourism and I hold a Master in Tourism territory and local development. Through professional experiences in Italy, Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, I have been able to improve my skills in sustainability, tourism design and web marketing. I have worked in both non-profit and profit companies, always pursuing an ethical approach to work. For Slow Lake Como, I deal with business development, communication and sustainability. I am active in the business development of our products and cultural itineraries both in Italy and abroad, I take care of our digital marketing and, last but not least, I co design the initiatives ensuring that the sustainability in Slow Lake Como is not just a slogan but a real and daily practice. My mission is to grow Slow Lake Como finding the right partners and always keeping a balance between business needs and sustainability, willingness to expand and ethics, commercial communication and respect for users.