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Tremezzo, now part of the bigger municipality of Tremezzina, is a town situated on the western branch of Lake Como, 10 minutes from Hotel Loveno (our Central Lake location) by bus or car. The name Tremezzo has its roots in a fishermen’s town called Tramezzo, which was located between Mount Crocione and the ancient Romana Regina Street. The importance of the town was not only because of its position between Como and the end of the lake but also due to its favorable climate thanks to the south-east orientation and the protection from cold winds. All these factors contributed to agriculture, especially the growth of olive trees introduced by Romans, citrus fruit trees and mulberries, used to raise silkworms, whose silk made Lake Como famous all over the world. However, in the 19th and 20th centuries, agriculture was abandoned and tourism became the main industry of the area, helped by the wonderful villas and big hotels on the lake.

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A definite must-see in the area is Villa Carlotta, Villa Balbianello, Isola Comacina, the path to the Sacred Mountain of Ossuccio (a unique UNESCO site) and the Greenway of Lake Como.

Villa Carlotta is one of the most known villas on Lake Como with a neoclassical style and fine art masterpieces. The villa was built in the 17th century by Marquis Giorgio Clerici of Milan and then sold to Giovanni Battista Sommariva, who was a politician. Thanks to his political career, he could afford to buy works by Antonio Canova and Francesco Hayez.

Villa Balbianello is well known because it was used as the setting for numerous movies such as A Month by the Lake, Casino Royale, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. However, the villa has also an interesting history: on the peninsula where the villa is located, there was a monastery of Franciscan friars and the Cardinal Durini took it over. In 1787 the monastery was transformed into a villa. Silvio Pellico, Giovanni Berchet and Alessandro Manzoni were some of the many famous politicians, art and literature personalities who have lived in the villa. Later, the first Italian Everest climber Guido Monzino bought the villa and decorated the interiors with rare furniture. Nowadays, the villa is part of the Italian Environment Fund FAI and is one of the most visited in Italy.

While for nature lovers, the Greenway del Lago is the perfect place to make a 10 km easy walk going along little villages with Roman findings and beautiful gardens.

Slow Lake Como organizes an unmissable tour to Ossuccio specifically for travelers interested in slow tourism. In fact, the tour focuses on the Sacred Mount of Ossuccio, a UNESCO world heritage site famous for its unique 14 chapels such as the amazing abandoned monastery St. Benedict and the Acquafredda Sanctuary, a symbol of the devotion and spirituality of Lake Como. Together with the expert guides, travelers will have the opportunity to connect to the soul of Lake Como and enjoy at the same time the picturesque landscape surrounding this place. The Romanesque St. Benedict Monastery is reachable only by foot, located in the wild and undeveloped Perlana Valley (800 m a.s.l.). The monastery was built in 1090 and abandoned 200 years later in 1298: even if it lost its political and economic function, it keeps still its charm. The Acquafredda Sanctuary is another center of spirituality that is included in the tour and has amazing panoramic views on Lake Como. The tour includes not only professional guides but also a picnic basket with local healthy products. In front of Ossuccio, it is visible a small island (the only one in Lake Como) called Isola Comacina: it has three artists’ homes built by Pietro Lingeri in 1940 and is open to travelers from March to October.

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