The city has a unique position, located inside a  fabulous valley, surrounded by an amazing nature. Enclosed by rough mountains is dominated by Grigna, San Martino and the famous  Resegone crest,.

Lecco is also famous because of the literary echoes of the I Promessi Sposi, Alessandro Manzoni’s masterpiece that found the ideal setting for an immortalstory, between the mountains and the shores of the lake.

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Historic centre

Lecco’s historic centre preserves the walls and the moat that surrounded the medieval village. It is highly recommended to visit thereligious buildings. First of all the basilica dedicated to San Nicolò with its neoclassical structure, thanks to the expansion by the architect Giuseppe Bovara. A little further on there is the church of Santa Marta with baroque decorations. Interesting is the Palazzo

Lecco Manzoniana

Lecco is a city full of literary memories that recall of Manzoni’s literary masterpiece “ I Promessi sposi” The itinerary takes place in the southern part of Lecco, starting from the beautiful Pescarenico district, where little remains of Friar Cristoforo’s convent but where it is still possible to visit the church of the Santi Materno and Lucia, with its rare plastic creations