Lake Como, the old Lario of the Romans, pushes its northmost point into the Valchiavenna and Valtellina regions, towards the high and snowy

Passes of the Spluga, Maloja and the Stelvio, ancient routes for journeys and trade towards the North Europe. Between the Alps and the Padana Plain, close to the Italian and Swiss border, the lake  is distinguished by an incredible variety of landscapes and settlements. The lake is 46 km long, 146 km surface area,410 m at its deepest point, 4.3 km wide (between Cadenabbia and Fiumelatte). The lake opens up a narrow course, forking at Bellagio into two arms. The eastern side is dotted with small towns of rare beauty where history, art and nature harmoniously come together, protected by the mild lake climate. The western arm is more famous; it has always been the destination for tourist and travellers. The discovery of these places, thanks to the

presence of many important guests, has made towns like Menaggio, Bellagio, Tremezzo and Cadenabbia world-famous but in the same area you can also find wild landscapes and villages almost unexplored. . In this section we provide an initial description, by region, of the sights and the most popular monuments.

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Land of sudden and unexpected creeks, loops and gulfs, villas half-hidden or towering up above the water, picturesque villages that are set gently on the mounts crests, towers and little waterfalls, the western shore of Lake Como always offers the visitor’s eyes a new and everchanging landscape and prospective. It is possible to visit the magic of these places by taking a boat, departing from


This side is rich in ancient and picturesque villages and it’s ideal for people who wish to combine relax, nature and , cultural activities. In the town of Mandello del Lario a stop is recommended to visit two religious monuments: the sanctuary of the Madonna del Fiume and


This is certainly the most popular area of Lake Como, Among the most important monuments there is Villa Carlotta, located between Tremezzo and Cadenabbia. It’s possible to visit to its gardens which are exceptional during the spring fl owering, andr its treasured artworks, including works by Canova, Hayez and Thorvaldsen, preserved inside. Menaggio is a city


The high part of Lake Como is one of the most charming areas of the region. Here you can enjoy endless excursion and itineraries of different difficulty around the lake and mountains and the untouched valleys. There are also many villages worth visiting; the municipality of San Siro, for example, which includes the village of Rezzonico dominated by the massive structure of the fourteenth