The site has been described as a magnificent stroke of green wedged into the lake waters. This famous Abbey, dating from the eleventh century, has become a must for any itinerary in the northern half of the lake. Its attractions blend the beauty of an awesome nature

Land of Pilgrims

A crossway between Italy and Europe, Lake Como has been in the past a stop-over for millions of pilgrims. This role is still well documented today by the presence of numerous sacred places that have survived and have maintained their centennial beauty

Secret lake Como

The secret side of Lake Como (in Italy) is just under the glamorous surface. Lake Como in Italy has become one of the most known landscapes on the planet and probably you have had a glimpse of it as the setting for a multi-millionaire wedding

Land of beauty and art

Hermann Hesse in his book Wandering Italy in the chapter “Walk on Lake Como” (it was the year 1913 on a boat near Torno) wrote: “Even the village, tiny and slightly steep, gave to the lake the harmonious enchantment of one of its sceneries