Lake Como Pian di Spagna natural Reserve - Slow Lake Como

The environmental protection and the respect are the slow tourism basis, this is why we want you to discover our places in Lake Como Italy. Natural reserves are the sites where the right balance between men and nature is restored once again. In particular, on Lake Como and all over the area it’s very common to find such preserved places and the Pian di Spagna natural reserve is one of these. The reserve territory lies where dry land and water meet creating together an environment with a great naturalistic value. The level land involved among Como Lake, the lake of Mezzola and mountains of Val Chiavenna as well as Valtellina hosts a wide range of different flora and fauna species. Among all the animals living in the area perhaps the most important ones are the migratory birds which can find here a safe place to stop in and to nest. As far as the flora is concerned, the cane-brake is the characteristic type of vegetation which can be found walking along the Lake of Mezzola. It is also a perfect shelter for the reproduction of migratory birds such as herons and kingfishers. In the lake, you can also find plants anchored to the depth or floating on the surface for example the waterlilies. The area was first recognized as a natural reserve towards the second half of the 20th century and ever since that time the landscape has completely changed. As a matter of facts, the modern engagement for the territory preservation would have been impossible only two generations ahead when finding a new fertile land to cultivate was the only preoccupation. Today the recognition as a natural reserve has allowed to keep the natural characteristics of the zone, to control the socio-economic activities and to pursue a didactic and recreative aim.

Lake Como Pian di Spagna natural Reserve - Slow Lake Como

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Note from the editor

Between the time of writing and publishing a terrible landslide fall down from Val Bregaglia (CH), this is an environmental disaster, the mud has killed fish and flora in the river Mera, we are still not sure about the condition of the Lake Mezzola and the reserve, but the river from the border with Switzerland to Lake Mezzola is ecologically dead. The river Mera is the same that connects Lake Mezzola to Lake Como, Italy. The consequeses are not so hard to predict because less than 20 years ago a similar incident (in the Italian side) caused a similar result.  Having this news very near to our hearts we, at Slow Lake Como, believe we need to better protect our place, our land and we feel it is also our role to do everything we can to prevent similar incidents. First of all we can share information about protected areas of Lake Como.