towns on lake como italy Slow Lake Como Rezzonico Michael Casanova

The Regina trunk road flanking the picturesque towns on Lake Como Italy leads us until Rezzonico, a small village hidden between Menaggio and Gravedona.

The first thing standing out is the tower of the old Della Torre Castle. Originally from the Como Lake, the Della Torre family has a bloodline which goes its way down to Venice. Indeed, the Pope Clemente XIII from Venice belonged to this dynasty and was commonly known as Pope Rezzonico. The castle construction dates from the fourteenth century when the noble family had it built as a fortress and has been later restored in a neo-medieval style. The story goes that the so-called Ficano, an unwelcome guest of the castle has been stabbed in the nighttime by a dressed up butcher pretending to be his bride.

Besides these peasants’ tales, the village has a lot to offer… a long stairway, nicknamed by the locals the ‘Cuntrada de Riscionech’ takes us from the main way straight to the lake. 

Quiet beaches of rocks are waiting for you to calm down in hot sunny days and why not also to refresh in the lake waters surrounded by our gorgeous mountainscape.

Walking along the shore, it’s easy to taste the authentic and ancient atmosphere of the place: the fishermen houses porch and the old wooden structures over the water still used to fish.

In addition, for those who start feeling a bit peckish, don’t worry! in the village you will find the family driven Locanda Lauro, where you will be served with typical dishes, lake fish included naturally.

The tiny hotel has been run by the same family for more than one century and trying to preserve the original flavors and atmosphere.

In conclusion, Rezzonico is the perfect place to discover the medieval heritage of  Lake Como in complete peace and… on a full stomach!

towns on lake como italy Slow Lake Como Rezzonico Michael Casanova

Photo credits: Michael Casanova


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