best hiking in Lake Como Italy Ossuccio

Lake Como offers a wide variety of hiking trails and in this article, you will find some of the best hiking paths around the lake. There are three main areas of Lake Como, that are perfect for hiking: Northern side, Bellagio and Menaggio almost in front of it (central Lake), and the area of Como itself. Today you are going to discover our favorites in the central Lake area. 

Menaggio’s area offers the well know trail called Greenway of Lake Como, which is a very easy path of 10 km passing through the town of Colonno, Sala Comacina, Ossuccio, Lenno, Mezzegra, Tremezzo and Griante. In each spot you have something interesting worth visiting it: for example, ancient hamlets, churches and beautiful villas. In addition, the picturesque landscape around the lake is something you won’t miss.

The path to the Sacred Mount of Ossuccio part of the UNESCO World Heritage, ideal for lovers of history and art. In fact, along the trail, there are 14 unique chapels such as the Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary, a pilgrimage place in the past. Also, this itinerary is offered by Slow Lake Como, which focuses on enjoying the lake and its monuments from a slow tourism point of view.

best hiking in Lake Como Italy Ossuccio

Foto Source: Town of Ossuccio

In Varenna’s area the most famous hiking is surely the “Sentiero del Viandante”. This trail is an interesting route dating back to the Roman period, which runs along the eastern coast of Lake Como, from Abbadia Lariana to Piantedo, for 45 km.

This walking path offers those who walk along with the chance of enjoying some peaceful hours deep in stillness and in an environment all one with the sky and the lake. The path, once connecting Milan and Switzerland starts in Abbadia Lariana at the small Church of St. Martin and ends at the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Val Pozzo in the district of Piantedo.

A short but attractive path which runs along a thin mule track that winds along the side of the mountain among chestnut woods and mild cultivated slopes. In a few hours time it collects the best of the landscape characters in this part of Lombardy: majestic landscapes, botanical and geological peculiarities, tokens of faith, places of the popular imagination, scraps of fields, rustic houses, vineyards and olive groves which create a frame that has been sung by poets and writers at length and for a long time.

Slow Lake Como collaborates with local guides to assure the most interesting and fascinating experience on the Sentiero del Viandante.

Another fascinating region is the one of Bellagio, Slow Lake Como organizes two hours walk starting from the Devil’s bridge in Bellagio to the town of Lezzeno, a typical authentic beauty full of history and legends about witches, miracles and devils.

An interesting thing that I personally noticed about Lake Como is the variety of hiking trails and the incredible microclimate that reminds us of the Mediterranean one, with olive trees and beautiful flowers. Villages are also well connected with each other especially if you want to travel more sustainably you can definitely rely on public transport such as the bus, train or the navigation ferries companies. 


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Monte Grona_Slow Lake Como_ best hiking in Lake Como Italy

Besides the famous hiking trails in Cinque Terre, also Lake Como offers some of the most stunning hiking paths in Italy. Here there are some examples of the best hiking in Lake Como Italy.

The UNESCO site Cinque Terre is a world-famous place to enjoy nature, sea and do some hiking. In fact there are many footpaths like “Sentiero Azzurro”, Blue Path, which stretches along the coast and allows to discover all the five villages by walking 5 hours. Another interesting path is the Red Path “Sentiero Rosso”, which goes from Portovenere to Levanto. The Blue Path is the easiest one and the most charming as people walk and have a stunning view of the sea. However, it is a UNESCO site, visitors must purchase a card which allows them to walk along the path and the money goes for the preservation of the area.

Piona Abbey - Slow Lake Como, best hiking in Lake Como italy

Piona Abbey, Slow Lake Como


There is another region in Italy which deserves more consideration from hikers and it is our beautiful Lake Como. In fact, there are many paths which will surprise tourists with amazing lake views from the top of the mountains. Here are some suggestions of the best hiking paths you can try around Lake Como.

The first one is in the northern part of the Lake, in Alto Lario: the path going to the Piona Abbey. It is a very easy path with cobblestone roads and labyrinths in the forest which brings you to a stunning natural balcony with lake view. The final destination is, however, the ancient Abbey with a cave hosting the statue of Holy Mary of Lourdes. You can visit the Abbey for free and have a rest on the benches admiring the wonderful panorama.

Monte Grona_Slow Lake Como_ best hiking in Lake Como Italy

View of Lake Como from Monte Grona.


The second path is above the town of Menaggio and brings you to Monte Grona (1736 m s.l), where one can see one of the best views of the Alps and of the lakes: Lake Como, Lake Piano and Lake Lugano in Switzerland. One of the easiest ways to reach the top is starting from Breglia (749 m) and reach Hut Menaggio (Rifugio Menaggio). From here you need only 1:30 hrs to reach the top of the mountain.


The third suggestion is close to the city of Como and is the easiest of the three as you just have to take a funicular to be able to enjoy the panorama from above: it is the Brunate funicular. The funicular is a sort of train existing since 1894 and links Como to the village of Brunate, which was a holiday destination for rich families from Milan and Como, who build many Art Nouveau style villas. From Brunate you can see the Alps and the area of Milan.

Brunate Slow Lake Como hiking

Brunate Slow Lake Como hiking


Slow Lake Como offers an interesting excursion of Brunate for families or groups. Our expert guides will guide you from the city center of Como to the station of the funicular to Brunate and from here there will be a walking excursion to reach Mount Piatto, where there is an amazing viewpoint. Continuing the path, you will see one of the strangest sites called Pietra Pendula and visit the small village of Piazzaga with the mysterious stone tombs. The descent is toward the picturesque village of Torno and from here we will come back to Como by boat.


Another curious trail is the one called Lake Como Rebels, War and Smuggling. As Como is close to the border of Switzerland, there is a history of smuggling with trenches and hiding places close to the city center. This excursion will guide you to the Spina Verde Park, the perfect place to learn about the tricks used from smugglers to escape the guards.

Lake Como Rebels, War and Smuggling_Slow Lake Como

Slow Lake Como, Lake Como Rebels, War and Smuggling



Overall, Lake Como offers wonderful hiking paths which still keep its charm with unspoiled nature and no mass tourism. It is an ideal place for hike lovers who crave for high altitudes, but also for families with children as there are many easy paths along the lake. If you want a place where you can enjoy nature and at the same time relax and get to know the secrets and curiosities of Lake Como, try one of our guided excursions with experts who will reveal you the most interesting facts and know the best viewpoints to enjoy and relax the lake.


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One of the best reason Lake Como is visited all year is the variety of hiking trails it has.

Discover the most loved Slow Lake Como’s itineraries: Brunate Como Torno, Breathtaking Scenery and Rebellious Lake Como. On the Footsteps of the Smugglers.


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