Towns on Lake Como Italy Cantu

While driving among the towns on Lake Como Italy headed to Cantù, the sign you first see on the way speaks clearly: welcome to the furniture town. Indeed, all along the twentieth century and over the town has been recognized and not only by its inhabitants as the point of reference for the furniture design and making.

You can easily come across the tracks of the furniture making history just by entering the Liceo Artistico Melotti museum. There a lot of furniture has been collected such as ancient and precious chairs, tables, panels, bureaus rich in details and well preserved. Fausto Melotti was an important sculptor and painter who thought and ran the old Regia Scuola di Cantù, the same structure now carrying his name. The panels which could be found in the museum have been over worked following the carving and inlay techniques.

But there’s much more you can discover in Cantù besides the furniture design and making. As far as the architecture is concerned, the Galliano basilica shows some remarkable characteristics. Located on the Galliano hill, the structure has always been conceived as a house of worship till the dedication to Christianity. Today it represents an interesting example of Romanesque style: few and little windows leaving space to simple and clean frescoes.

Cradle of designers and craftsmen, Cantù welcomes you to discover how theoretical culture and practical skills perfectly meet giving birth to actual pieces of art.

Towns on Lake Como Italy Cantu

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towns on Lake Como Italy

12 months,  12 towns, 12 emotions. Places, monuments and secret hamlets of Lake Como.

Someone says that our Lake and our territory are melancholic in autumn and winter, better to come in spring or summer. For us at Slow Lake Como, our territory is beautiful all the year round, and has infinite beauty to show, endless stories to tell.

We take you to the unknown places, in the towns overlooked by tourist circuits, in the corners you’ve never noticed, in cloisters and hidden or often closed monuments, choosing the seasons where they have more charm.

From “Devil’s Bridge” to “Paradise’s stairs”, from the old closed houses of the walled city of Como to the ancient sacred architecture of our territory, from the labyrinth town to the exterminated landscapes of the North Lake Como.
An exciting journey that lasts 12 months. Every month a stage, a new pearl, as we like it, walking with the step and curiosity of the wayfarer. We move slowly, but we never stop … follow us …

towns on Lake Como Italy

October  2017 – March 2018 Calendar

Sun  29/10:  “Town of Hell”. Lezzeno and the Devil’s Bridge

Sat 25/11 “Como piccante”. La storia a luci rosse della città. “Spicy Como”. The red lights history of the city.

Sat 16/12 “Art in the Hidden Cloister”. Santa Margherita in Como.

Sat  20/01 “Cantù is beautiful!” Galliano and the Wood Museum.

Sun 25/02 The Labyrinth town”. Brienno.

Sun 25/03 “Churches, castles and ancient harbors”. Santa Maria and Rezzonico.

Discover the towns on Lake Como Italy with us, mobile +39 392 027 9675. ⠀