The Italian Risorgimento in Como: the Other “Five Days of Milan”.


The Italian Risorgimento in Como: the Other “Five Days of Milan”.

An important street in Como’s “walled city” bears the name of Via Cinque Giornate in memory of the Milan-based five-day insurrection for independence of March 1848. Between March 18 and 20 the insurrection spread to Como. Tired of the abuses of the Austrian government, the people of Como took the streets: commoners and intellectual elites joined forces, erected barricades in various points of the city, and bravely fought against their enemies. In this itinerary we will discover the events of those days and the rich history of Risorgimento in Como, between history, art, and little-known episodes. This is an opportunity to understand history of the city’s rebel sides

  • Duration: 2 h
  • Meeting point: Como, Piazza Volta 
  • Difficulty: easy (city walk)
  • Time: 10:00-12:30
  • Available dates: contact us. We will find the right solution for you.
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On 22 March 1848 the rebel population of Como obtained the surrender of  the infantry division of the “Prochaska” regiment of the Austrian army which was stationed at the garrison known as “St Francis” (now only a deconsecrated chapel survives). According to eyewitnesses, men shot at the Austrians from the windows and women loaded the guns behind them all along nowadays Via Milano, a crucial artery in the very centre of the city. Those who did not have guns, stormed the troops with tiles from the roofs. We will let you discover places and memories of these and other events of the Risorgimento era in Como. This is a journey in time to discover the rebel face of a city which otherwise looks so reserved, in the company of our knowledgeable and passionate guides. During the walk we will stop to sample wholesome delicious food by producers who belong to our network.


  • Walking tour with an expert of Italian Risorgimento. Rich tasting of bread, buns and cheese


Difficulty: the route takes place entirely in the city center, pedestrian and flat streets

Equipment and Clothing: suitable for an urban route

Children: children of all ages are welcome!

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2 h


Como, Piazza Volta