Lake Como Rebels. War and Smuggling.

Lake Como Rebels, War and Smuggling_Slow Lake Como

Lake Como Rebels. War and Smuggling.

Lake Como is a land of wonderful landscapes and history, but also the place where adventurous vicissitudes of smugglers, brigands and soldiers have been consumed. In this frontier land between Italy and Switzerland, the mountains just off the center of Como, were excavated to accommodate trenches, fortresses and hiding places. The forests have been inhabited by thousands of soldiers and the  trails were crossed from one side of the border to the other by  men with huge shoulder bags, often escaping from the guards of both countries. We will guide you for a few hours in  the Spina Verde park, a still green area of Como, where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the park, beautiful views of the city and the lake and learn very particular aspects of the local history.

  • Difficulty: easy. It takes place on easy trails or roads with modest gradients.
  • Available dates: Pick up a date and contact us. We will find the right solution for you.

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A few hours between natural beauties, foxholes, fortresses, ancient barracks of the border guards, trails suspended between two countries and stunning scenery. On this journey that combines the discovery of a wonderful nature, historical places and tales of events  halfway between  folk tale and legend, you can capture the  hidden  rebel soul of Como and his mountains.


Guided tour. “The Smuggler’s Bag” a pic-nic basket with local products.



Difficulty: the tour takes place on easy trails  with modest gradients.

Equipment and clothing: suitable for hiking

Children: children love these places and this walk. However, they need to be used to walk for a few hours on non-challenging trails. Contact us for more info.

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5/6 h


San Fermo della Battaglia (CO)