Art in the Hidden Cloister

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Art in the Hidden Cloister

The former monastery of Santa Margherita is surely one of the less known places of our city. An ancient place of faith then revert to civil use during the Napoleonic era. Unfortunately few sings remains of the original structure. At first sight, entering the courtyard of the building, nothing would make you think to a monastery. Little by little, however, the most careful eye catch the square perimeter of the courtyard, the ancient columnsand their capitals hiding in the wall, once free to support the cross structure of the patio. In this so peculiar space Agnes Duerrschnabel built her studio of Ceramic Subjects Design. Agnes will open the doors of her handcraft and artistic world, and here, cheered by a cup of tea, we will discover the fascinating bond between ancient places and artistic inspiration. The creation of beauty that begin from very beautiful places for long time forgotten. For Slow Lake Como travellers is a mandatory stop..

Duration: 1 h 30 min

Meeting: Como, more info with the reservation

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Time: 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm

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The ancient cloister of Santa Margherita, whose origins go up to the 6th century A.C., had to pass trhough lots of troubles during the centuries since the time of its foundation, by the Saints Liberata and Faustina. The only witness of its troubled history is now the studio of Agnes, designer of Ceramic Subjects. Originally it was a part of the capitular room of the monastery, but during the time it host many different activities, a faded sign is still visible above the entrance. Despite the time and the centuries has transformed the cloister, this stylistic stratification and this wealth of history they are, for Agnes, a source of constant inspiration. Wandering around in her studio makes you realize the power of her works. Agnes picks up woods, stones or old irons, real gifts of the nature or old forgotten treasures, she is inspired by them, from there she start the work on her creations. Give new life to things that are damaged or in disuse, things that have lost their original purpose. This is what Agnes does with her works, in this fascinating forgotten place that she has chosen for her challenge.



Visit of the studio and close examination on the history of the cloister
Tasting of tea and sweets

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1h 30 min

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