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Slow Lake Como Food Partners Max

One of the most interesting collaborations of Slow Lake Como is the Food Partner Max, who is one of the founders of the project Cibo Raccontato (which means “narrated food”) and also a teacher of our pasta and pizza experiences. Max likes feeding people with love and prepare food with passion combined with fun and curiosity. The only thing he is proud of, he says, he can make a unique spaghetti tomato dish.
However, there are so many things he should be proud of: for example, in 2012, he started the project Cibo Raccontato, with Marina Romanò and Monica Cattaneo created an educational project part of  “Corto Circuito” cooperating with the fair trade “Isola che c’è”.

In the beginning, the project was focused on classes about food education: some examples of classes were about how to make food in the correct way and how to avoid food poisoning. However, those seminars with presentations were not as impactful as Max and colleagues would have wished them to be. For this reason, they decided to change approach by not only showing and telling but also listening: he tried to invite a cheesemaker or a farmer and give the audience the opportunity to talk directly to them. In this way, people could feel their passion and the work behind the ingredient, which then leads to the final dish made of hard work and passion. People liked a lot this change and so

For Max, cooking has never been a business but an educational laboratory where he creates the economy of relationships. In fact, he loves the sentence from Michael Bourdin “cooking is a way of giving”, as food becomes a gift for others to enjoy. For this reason, Max prepares food putting a secret ingredient: love. His philosophy is that no one would cook bad food for people he or she cares about, so in his practice, he believes he does not only give dishes but also good practices. All his years of cooking experiences are collected in the cookbook called “CortoBio kitchen”.

One of the lessons that Max learned from his experience and from where you can understand his humility is that he believes we must respect Mother Earth and especially give dignity to the people working in the agriculture, putting so much effort to give us quality products. We can make a change according to him and it is all about working with the short supply chain and be in contact with producers.

slow lake como food partners Max



All these lessons and even more are part of the pasta and pizza experiences organized with Slow Lake Como and Max, where people can learn not only how to cook but also understand the ingredients used in the recipes, all coming from local farmers, of course.

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