Lake Crezzo- Charmed Lake with Lake Como view

Crezzo Lake - Slow Lake Como

Lake Crezzo is a unique pearl, a small charmed lake located in Lake Como (Italy). Lake of Crezzo is a small ‘pool of water’ located in Lasnigo, Barni a district of Como. The place can be easily reached taking the way for Crezzo and flanking Lambretto river. It’s about a moist ambient pretty well preserved: surrounded by mountains and with a breath-taking view on the Lake Como (Italy). The most interesting thing about the lake is its peculiar plant life such as the carnivorous violet plant able to catch small insects. The name ‘Crezzo’ probably comes from the Latin word Carex, referring to the characteristic plant swamp sedge which could be found in the lake when the level of water is low. Walking around the ancient village you could visit Sant’Alessandro Church… curiously, Lasnigo has five churches and only six hundred inhabitants! Sant’Alessandro Church is normally closed, so if you would like to visit its suggestive inner you should better ask the keeper. Along the path leading to Barni, you will find signs indicating Crezzo memorial monument. The monument was built up in commemoration of the plane Atr 42 collision some years ago. Despite the tragic event of the monument, you can enjoy another pleasant view of our precious landscape. A peaceful place where getting lost and relaxing in nature!

Crezzo Lake - Slow Lake Como

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