Erbonne, the ghost town in Lake Como area

Erbonne ghost town Lake Como Italy

Are you looking for a special place in Lake Como, Italy? You cannot miss to visit Erbonne, a very little town with old stone houses and only few inhabitants. The town, which could be reached taking a wooden bridge, lies near to the border between Intelvi valley in Italy and Swiss. Visitors can take a walk into the old village and explore places recalling the past such as the wash-house or the smuggling museum. Having lunch in the ‘Osteria del valico’ is the perfect way to get to know more things about Erbonne. The tavern offers the excellent typical dishes of the valley but there is other plenty things to see. The place guards old photos and objects from the past, including the furniture recovered by the owner. ‘Osteria del valico’ is on the way to Erbonne from Casasco, San Fedele Intelvi. Erbonne, as a proof of its peculiarity, has inspired the writer Maria Corti who depicts the magic place like that:
Even at night, you can perceive the invisible presence of the Generoso Mountain… outside there’s the healthy fresh air of one thousand meters of altitude and when the sun goes down, the last western light meets the eastern darkness on the farmsteads walls”


Erbonne ghost town Lake Como Italy







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