Pastificio Cooperativo – Produzione pasta fresca

Pastificio Cooperativo – Produzione pasta fresca

A pasta factory that was born with the desire to produce in respect of the land, the work of producers and the relationship between producers and consumers, the social relations that arise around food to support a truly sustainable economy. We produce fresh pasta: we are equipped to be able to be packaged in a protective atmosphere with 15/20 days deadline, to meet the needs of food security.

1.Slow principles

The ingredients we use are mainly from  organic farming and much of the territory close to us, with a short chain relationships and mutual understanding and trust with producers. We recognize ourselves in all the experiences of small retail chains born in our country: we want to collaborate and support, proposing the sale , groups, consumer cooperatives and producers,  Districts and Solidary Economy Networks.

2. Slow activities for tourists and local (what you can do here) 

guided tours for adults and children in our laboratory
workshops for children

3. Link

Pastificio Cooperativo Gallarate presso Il Loto società cooperativa sociale Onlus
via Pier Capponi, 40
21013 Gallarate – VA
Tel. +39 0331 780666
Mobile +39 3291515149
CF/P.IVA 01754040127

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