Respaù is a medieval farmhouse situated in the Spina Verde natural park just above the centre of Como. In our structure is possible to taste the typical dishes of our restaurant, but you can also spend your vacations in comfortable private rooms or in the shared dormitories; always surrounded by the silence of the woods.


After years of experience built in Crotto Piazzaga we understood that the secret of our kitchen success is the heart that we put in every dish that we prepare. We don’t take shortcuts. We get up early in the morning and we do everything with our hands, with only 100% natural ingredients. In a era where also food became fashion, we brought back the taste in every meal. We like this way, take it or leave it.


Thanks to the position in the middle of the park, you always have a direct contact with the nature; you can have walks or trekking, or simply relax under the shade of some trees.


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( +39) 031 523662


( +39) 3401406805



Via Santa Brigida e Respau



Cantina & Bottega is born from our passion and research for genuine and natural products, that can tell their lands’ story and the great work of extraordinary small producers; they have taught us a great respect for nature and its rhythms. In our Cellar we propose everyday wines by the glass, produced with love by men and women who have decided to work for passion, without accepting the large-scale production’s compromises. You can taste our selections of cold cuts without preservatives, our cow, goat or sheep cheeses.

Daily we also prepare healthy and simple dishes, selecting carefully the ingredients we use in our kitchen.

In our Shop you can buy wines and products we have collected for you with love: Pasta and Flours made with Ancient Grains, Beans, Vegan and Gluten Free Cookies, Fruit Jams, Vegetables Creams, Chocolates, Honey, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Infusions and Spices.


We use ingredients from organic farming. Our meats come from animals born and grown from small farmers. Fruit and vegetable vary according to seasonal productions. Lots of our products come from small producers of our area, but we love to have some proposals that can represent our beautiful Country. We believe that a direct relationship with our producers is fundamental for mutual trust and respect.


Wines and Local Products Tastings

Dinner with dishes of the day, prepared with seasonal and organic ingredients


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Cantina & Bottega
Via Grisogoni, 8

22015 Gravedona ed Uniti (CO)
Tel. +39 0344536071
Mobile +39 3467663257

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“La Corte” Bed & Breakfast is located in Faggeto Lario, in the hamlet of Palanzo, in the province of Como, it’s a portion of our house with separate entrance. Our house is located inside the ancient historic village in a private and quiet courtyard.

Slow principles

We offer our guests mainly drinks and food produced in the nearby area. The products are always chosen with great attention to quality.

Slow activities for tourists and local (what you can do here)

We deeply know  the mountains of the area and we  can recommend you  walking tours starting directly from our house. During the summer you can join us in our garden and try to work together with us.


Per informazioni e prenotazioni:
Tel: ( +39) 031 302590
Cell:( +39) 3297644199  ( +39) 3393910512
Via all’approdo, 10  Faggeto Lario (CO)  – fraz Palanzo

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A few miles from Como located in the beautiful Brianza, on top of a traditional hill inside a grand private park, the Montesino b&b was born. The property offers to its guests a wide and exclusive range of facilities that make the b&b unique; among these a 3 hectares of parkland with its pine forest perfect for people who loves nature.

Slow principles

Our beautiful park is a naturalistic treasure, with colors that vary depending from the season, surrounds the house giving it a charming atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a sweet breakfast with homemade products: jams, bread, cakes and other baked goods, desserts and yogurt. For guests who prefer the taste of salty cold cuts we propose speck and bresaola, eggs and local cheese. We can arrange breakfast for celiacs or for other food intolerances, prior communication regarding breakfast must be stated at the time of booking.

Slow activities for tourists and local (what you can do here)

Our b & b is located at the foot of the beautiful mountains of the Larian Triangle we know deeply. In addition to our recommendations, we have at your disposal brochures on hiking, biking, walking tours, paragliding, flying.

Indirizzo: via Domenico Cimarosa 1/B CAP 22032  Albese con Cassano (Como)

Telefono: +39 331 6086792




“Menta e Lillà”, our B&B, is located in Erba (County Como) and occupies a large part of our home but it counts on its own, independent entrance. It is a big detached house with a rear garden, surrounded by the green landscapes of Brianza and close to the picturesque views of Como Lake, to Manzoni’s masterpiece settings and to Milan.

2. Slow principles

With Menta e Lillà we would like to offer you a peaceful shelter where the bracing air of alpine foothills meets the sweet quietness of Brianza lakes.We would love, maybe thanks to our advice, to let you know our region even with an unusual, but not less interesting, route or guide you through the tastes of local cuisine.We offer our guests mainly drinks and food produced in the nearby area. The products are always chosen with great attention to quality.

3. Slow activities for tourists and local (what you can do here)

Information leaflets and maps of the surrounding area

Routes planned and tested by us

Shopping and culinary advice

Possibility of caving tours

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Tel: ( +39) 031 629194
Cell: ( +39) 334 8014623

Via Albavilla, 22
Erba – Frazione Buccinigo (CO)

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We chose “antica”-“ancient” to emphasize the membership of the farm to the ancient core of Costa, a village of M.Marenzo; as time went by we realized that another aim could be achieved. Therefore we decided to grow fruit trees, vegetables, cereals, herbs and flowers to create a great place to biodiversity.So attention to safeguarding the medieval artifact of our farm has expanded gradually to the preservation of the environment and of living species in it.

2. Slow principles

ORGANIC means for us a natural way to grow similarly to the organic orchard of our small farms of a few decades ago: although certainly use some modern technology, we want to stay at the same time faithful to the tradition and culture of the initial ideas that gave rise to the organic movement.

Our soils are very fertile because when we arrived they had been at rest for 15 years. You can enjoy eating our salad, our farro, our fruits and all  our products, a food healthy organoleptically, grown and processed for the welfare of people.

3. Slow activities for tourists and local (what you can do here) 

guided tours for adults and children in our laboratory workshops for children
Conferences and meetings on ancient methods of cultivation

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Tel:  0341603373


Indirizzo: Via Stoppani, 9  Monte Marenzo, (LC)

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Casale Roccolo is a small family business. Our family has always bred different types of animals and since 2006 we have decided to turn a passion into a full time job. We breed only goats chamois of the Alps, capable of giving a high nutritional quality milk. All of our dairy products are processed in Binago dairy, where we rework old family recipes.

1. Slow principles

We are open to collaborations with organizations and local businesses to build a network of sustainable economyDuring the year, we take part in initiatives that promote small local producers and the regional economy. At the time, we support the activities of:- Fair trade groups (GAS)- Corto Circuito, a social cooperative that operates the Como area

2. Slow activities for tourists and local (what you can do here)

guided tours for adults and children in our laboratory
workshops for children
During the year we organize courses for the creation of the Primo Sale Cheese (cottage cheese)


Ag. CASALE ROCCOLO, Via Casale Roccolo 3, 22070 Binago, COMO, Italia T. +39 348 32 02 495

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A pasta factory that was born with the desire to produce in respect of the land, the work of producers and the relationship between producers and consumers, the social relations that arise around food to support a truly sustainable economy. We produce fresh pasta: we are equipped to be able to be packaged in a protective atmosphere with 15/20 days deadline, to meet the needs of food security.

1.Slow principles

The ingredients we use are mainly from  organic farming and much of the territory close to us, with a short chain relationships and mutual understanding and trust with producers. We recognize ourselves in all the experiences of small retail chains born in our country: we want to collaborate and support, proposing the sale , groups, consumer cooperatives and producers,  Districts and Solidary Economy Networks.

2. Slow activities for tourists and local (what you can do here) 

guided tours for adults and children in our laboratory
workshops for children

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Pastificio Cooperativo Gallarate presso Il Loto società cooperativa sociale Onlus
via Pier Capponi, 40
21013 Gallarate – VA
Tel. +39 0331 780666
Mobile +39 3291515149
CF/P.IVA 01754040127

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I started in 2000 as a joke. I wanted in some way to approach the world of nature. Having lived for a month in the Amazon, I saw what it means  true nature. So when I got home I looked for a job as possible linked to the nature doing for some time, the nature guide. One day, visiting a market, I had the opportunity   to meet a beekeeper and begin a passionate relationship. I realized at that moment that  bees would become my life.

2. Slow principles

Our products are organic. We are a certified organic Bioagricert. Our environmental commitment has been reflected in the construction of a laboratory with wooden structure with adjoining our house according to the criteria of bio building. For the future we hope we’ll always be able to get a lot of satisfaction from the land and its life. We always try to involve mainly children to the meaning of being as much as possible in contact with nature with apiculture workshops and summer camps.

3. Slow activities for tourists and local (what you can do here)

guided tours for adults and children
workshops for children
Birthday parties

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Azienda Agricola Apicoltura Biologica “Apipoli” di Ambrosone e Carrideo

Strada Consortile delle Selve 1 – 22070 Montano Lucino (COMO)

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The heart of the structure is the  stable, in which live about 40 “girls”, so Irma Del Vecchio, the owner, calls her 40Brown Swiss cows. There are also some calves which are bred for the meat, but the bulk of production is related to the milk used to produce butter and cheese.

2. Slow principles

During the summer, the cows are able to graze outside.The animals are fed mainly on hay, to which is added to the flour corn and very little feed. In the laboratory of cheese the cheese is prepared over an open fire with a beautiful copper boiler. Here an old wooden mechanism is still running allowing the boiler to move by turning on itself.  The cheeses are then made to mature in the cellar with natural procedures and sold directly on the farm or in markets and fairs.

3. Slow activities for tourists and local (what you can do here)

Guided tours for adults and children
Workshops for children

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Sede: Via I Maggio 21, Binago (CO)
Contatti Azienda Agricola

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