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The Battle of Lenno
The Battle of Lenno

Tremezzina is a town where beautiful nature, history and tourism blend. Some historical events have deeply affected the culture of this territory and its identity. Experience a tour that is a time travel in some important event of the Italian history, always accompanied by the beauty of the Lake.
  • Marvel at the ancient town of Lenno and its artistic beauties
  • Listen to the historical events of this charming area of Lake Como
  • Visit Mezzegra, one of the most important place in Italian history
  • Enjoy the view of the lake and its picturesque villages
A walking tour that is a true time travel. From the ancient town of Lenno we reach Mezzegra, where one of the most important pages in Italian history took place. An immersion in the history and, at the same time, in the beauty of this area.

In 1944 the San Giorgio Hotel in Lenno and many villas in Tremezzina were requisitioned by the fascist hierarchs who came from Salò: they were ministers and undersecretaries of the Italian Social Republic. Amongst them was Guido Buffarini Guidi, Minister of the Interior, protected by a small garrison, who would spend the evening in a tavern in Lenno.
On the night of 3 October 1944, the Liberation Committees attacked the inn to induce the fascists to leave the area. Despite the heavy losses, the action reached its goal.
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