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Lake Como Night
Lake Como Night

Experience an evening as a true Comasco. Explore a little known area of Lake Como with a local guide. Take in breathtaking views of the city and the lake from an unusual viewpoint. Take in the nighttime energy of Lake Como whilst trying some delicious local food.
  • Aperitif
  • Local products
  • Walking in the woods
  • Viewpoints over the city and Lake Como
  • Suitable for all
In our town on spring and summer evenings companies of friends of all ages gather after the day's work to walk in the cool of the woods just outside the center, enjoy the hour of sunset and the beauty of the Lake from above while chatting, and then end the evening by enjoying traditional products in one of the farmsteads or crotti that are located in the woods and can often be reached only on foot. These are very typical trattorias or restaurants in the area where you eat simple but authentic traditional country foods. The kind you can hardly find in the city center. They are very convivial moments. You walk around, eat, drink some wine and joke around. We want you to experience this authentic ritual for locals with us. 

We will pick you up on foot from the bus stop in the neighborhood where we grew up and take you on very simple paths in the hills around the city where tourists hardly ever come. These are not the most well-known, cover-the-ground places, but they are important to us because it is where we spent our childhood and where we still go to relax and celebrate life's important occasions or just be with friends away from the noise of the city. We will tell you about the adventures that took place in these woods and that are passed down from generation to generation in our families. At sunset we will stop at some viewpoints from which, if you want, you can take some very nice photos of the city and the Lake, seen from unusual perspectives. When we arrive at a hut we will enjoy together samples of strictly local products, prepared by the owner who is an old friend of ours. All accompanied by good wine.
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